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Welcome to
Centro La Raíz


 @Centro La Raíz we take a holistic approach towards health.

We combine our expertise as a psychologist (Leonel Revilla) and as a nutritionist (Greet Sente) to offer you the most complete, personalized and integrated path towards a healthy lifestyle.


@Centro La Raíz we let you reconnect to your own unique inner healing system.


You will learn how to transform limiting beliefs (which you may have accumulated over the years).


We teach you techniques that enable you to act in a new and unconditioned way, transforming trauma into power.


We teach you wonderful techniques in order to reduce your stress levels drastically and we help you dismantle any protection and suppression mechanisms that are no longer serving you.

You will increase the power of your intuition and you will learn to deal responsibly with your own wellbeing.

You will learn which foods to avoid and which ones to integrate into your diet in order to optimize your metabolism.

You will also learn how to integrate physical exercise into your daily routine in a fun and easy way.


All of this together, will eventually translate into a continuous, vibrant and balanced inner & outer flow which will

enable you to truly thrive in life instead of survive!


You will find joy, passion and enthousiasm in your everyday life and you will transform into

the most radiant and healthy version of yourself!


We offer individual (online) sessions in the form of a transformational journey, as well as separate sessions

when the question or need is more specific.


We also organize webinars on the topics we are passionate about.


In the future we will also offer "Holistic Retreats" -LIVE retreats of  approx. 10 days- where you will enjoy daily psychological support within a framework of healthy meals, yoga, meditation, supplementation, workshops on inner healing and immunity-enhancing nutrition, "nature baths", reiki sessions and much more.

A retreat is of course an accelerated program, both on an inner as on a physical level; this way you get a solid foundation (or as we say in Spanish; "RAIZ") so that you can easily continue to grow at home afterwards!

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A short presentation of who we are...


Leonel Revilla


Leonel is a transpersonal psychologist, specialized in trauma and abuse.


Besides his practice as a psycholigist, he also teaches psychology in "La Universidad Continental" & "La UNSA" in Arequipa, Peru.

Two decades ago Leonel founded the NGO "Intiwawa", an organization that improves the wellbeing of local children by providing them with education, meals and overall guidance.

In his first years as a psychologist he worked in the general hospital of Arequipa, mainly treating mental disorders and addictions.

Afterwards he specialised in childrens' psychology, more specifically in autism disorder and AD(H)D.

Because of his many years of experience as a therapist, he found that speaking was not always the adequate tool in healing trauma. Dance therapy (Biodanza) as well as creative therapy allowed him to guide people to healing in a safe, creative and entertaining way. 

Leonel is passionate about mixing old wisdom with his academic background. An autodidact in "la cosmovision andina", Leonel tries to integrate the ancient wisdom of his ancestors in his daily practice. Integrating and transforming are key in this process.


With children, parents are always being envolved and they often personally take part in the healing trajectory. 

Leonel will always look for a natural way of treating his patients, whether it be in creative ways (with movement or dance therapy, creative therapy,...) or a systemic way (looking at the environment or the external system).

Consultations are given in Spanish or French.

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Online consultation : Psychotherapy

Leonel Revilla

For those in need of guidance in manageing destructive or limiting behavioural patterns, addictions,

depressive feelings, grief or emotional suffering of any kind.

For educational advice (teachers or family members).

For (systemic) transformation of destructive family dynamics.

For children with behavioural issues or who have suffered abuse.


For children with ADHD or who are on the autism spectrum.


Online Consultation : Holistic Healing through Lifestyle Changes

Greet Sente

For those in search of an holistic approach in dealing with their health condition; all kinds of hormonal and neurological conditions, (pre-)diabetes, chronic & auto-immune diseases (MS, Lupus, Crohn, Endometriosis, Fibromyalgia, Lhyme, etc).


For those determined to choose a lifestyle that enables their entire being to flourish & thrive.


For those who want to reach their ideal weight in order to obtain all sorts of short- as well as longterm health benefits.


For people who feel stuck and  want help in dismantling destructive inner behavioural programming.

For people who lack in energy, who feel down or depressed and want help in order to initiate and integrate a healthy &

balanced  lifestyle.

For people who are ready to take back their inner power, undo themselves of what no longer serves them and step into a new experience, with enthusiasm and excitement for all of life's blessings.

For open minded people who are ready to challenge their beliefs, their bounderies and explore

what's OUT of their comfort zone in order to grow their inner world and amplify their mental and emotional abilities.

You will be given clear guidelines regarding nutrition, meditation and excercises.

The trajectory includes also videos, guided meditations, audios (visualisations), personalised recipes and according shopping lists. 

Every trajectory also consists of a "FIT plan" (physical activity on your level).

In some cases supplements, probiotics or herbal tinctures will be prescribed.

Transformative trajectory

I provide 2 sessions a month, during 6 subsequent months. This is the time necessary in order to permanently

integrate these new lifestyle changes.

From then on I recommend a recap session every few months in order to refresh the integrated knowledge

and talk about the progress made or any new challenges.


LIVE Holistic Healing Retreat (10 days) - FROM 2022 ONWARD

Greet Sente & Leonel Revilla


For those who wish to kick-start their new wholesome lifestyle...

In this retreat, we will share with you key information regarding nutrion, fitness & overall wellbeing.

In live conferences you will learn how to grow and how to maintain a healthy, balanced and joyous lifestyle.

We will share our tips on how to boost your immune system as well as train your parasympatic nervous sytem.

You will be served organic freshly homemade meals, based on your specific needs (thanks to a very detailed inquiry leading upto the retreat).


Thanks to the psychological guidance and follow up, you get to understand your own behavioural patterns and learn to act up

as a manager of your mental health, instead of being a victime of your own destructive patterns.


You will be offered reiki treatments combined with essential oil therapy.

Every morning begins with yoga, meditation or "nature bathing".

You will learn very effective breathing techniques, mudra's and mantra's in order to maintain inner peace and connect with (and trust!) your higher self, every step of the way...

This might be the missing link in your transformational journey! 

If you're willing to learn (and thus can keep an open mind) and your goals include : improving your health, deepening your most valuable relationships and enlarging the amount of joy, bliss and happiness in your life, then this retreat is definitely what you're looking for!






@Centro La Raíz, we believe each person has the innate ability to heal. We make use of different strategies in order to unlock that unique ability that houses inside everyone's being.

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English: Testimonials

"The understanding of my behavioural patterns and the acknowledging of my own power, which was the beginning of this transformational program, truly opened my eyes and made me very enthusiastic to transform my old belief system. The mental exercises are still part of my daily routine and influence my mood in wonderful ways. I feel liberated from my past and I am now able to enjoy every present moment to the fullest. The personalised diet is easy to stick to and provides me with loads of energy."

Jaqueline Lugo Fernandez

"I would have loved to have had these tools a lot sooner in life! I now live by the daily rituals that were installed in my morning routine and it has changed everything. Thanks to these practices I take this light- and brightness into my daily activities and into all my encounters... My way of looking at life has deeply changed for the better and my closest relationships have become so much more fulfilling. I'm deeply grateful to have been able to participate in this trajectory and would recommend it to anyone who wants to accomplish their goals but need guidance in doing so."

Maria Leon Castillo

"I've come to understand the underlying patterns that previously ran my life. Doing the affirmations and the breathing exercises really changed everything! I am no longer ruled by worries and negative patterns but empowered to make conscious (and new) decisions."

Lizzy Jefferson

"People always ask me what I do to look so young and radiant and I'm sure the key was in this transformational trajectory. The nutritional advice but even moreso the meditations and mental exercises made me so much more resilient, more empowered. I now wake up gratefully every single day and people comment on how radiant and happy I look. Whenever worries or anxiety knock on the door, I have now all the tools I need to just observe and let go."

Linda Garcia Cruz

"I'm just so happy with how I look! I lost 10 kilos and feel like a whole new person inside and out.

I'm so much more relying on my own intuition, which has made me so much more confident.

Really grateful to have found this transformative trajectory, it has literally done what it promised; transformed my whole life for the better.

Thank you so much!"

Jessy Lodewijckx

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